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About Horizon Agency

Horizon Agency, Inc. is a leading, industry-respected provider of commercial business insurance, personal insurance, life, health, and employee benefits insurance, surety bonds, investments, and specialty insurance programs since 1974.

Horizon Agency, Inc., in the top 10% of agencies nationwide by premium volume, differentiates itself from the competition by offering our clients access to over 60 different insurance companies. The average insurance agency generally has access to only three to five insurance companies. This gives Horizon Agency (and you!) a tremendous advantage when seeking out the best possible insurance program for our clients...seeking the best coverage at a price that is fair to both insurer and client. Stated more colorfully, we can put a lot more hooks in the water than other agents to "catch" you the best insurer.

Horizon Agency, Inc. is relationship driven. We seek out clients, large or small, that are more interested in establishing and maintaining a durable, mutually beneficial business relationship wherein you, the client, your insurer, and we, the insurance intermediary, all prosper. It is an axiom of any business, not just "insurance," that the most successful individuals or enterprises are those that seek and maintain long-term partnerships with all of their vendors. We find this to be true. We suspect you do as well.