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Flexible Benefits & Administrative Services

Section 125 Cafeteria Plans

Cafeteria plans allow employees to set aside money on a pre-tax basis to pay for certain eligible expenses. The eligible expenses areas are:

  • Premiums paid to the employer for eligible benefit plans
  • Medical and dental expenses not covered by other insurance
  • Dependent Care expense incurred to allow employees to attend school and go to work

The dollars set aside are deposited in FSA's (flexible spending accounts) for use by employees. The advantage of these plans to employees is that they pay no tax on the plan contributions. That means:

  • No Federal income tax
  • No State income tax
  • No Social Security tax
  • No Medicare tax

Contact your Horizon Agency, Inc. representative for a formal proposal and the benefit of having a 125 plan at your firm.

Section 132 Transportation Plans

Similar to 125 plans in that it allows employees to set aside dollars on a pre-tax basis to cover parking, car pool, bus, and other transit expenses incurred for your employment. If you use public transportation or have to pay for parking where you work this plan is a must.

COBRA Administration

The regulations are complex and confusing and the penalties for not complying with the regulations can be expensive. Let Horizon Agency do your COBRA administration and take the burden off your shoulders.