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Employment Practices Liability

Why EPL?

Look in your "Yellow Pages" under "Attorney-Employment Law" if you dare!...or watch the late night TV ads your employees see!

Think your employees "love you?" 89% of EPL suits come from your existing employees!!

And, 48% of them will beat you in court!

And, the ones you "win," you still "lose" because you incur defense costs.

What's At Stake?

Defense costs...Do you have $7,500 to $15,000 just to answer an EEOC complaint? $51,000 just to get a "Summary Judgement?" Or $150,000 or more to "go to the mat" in court?

Judgements...Can you shell out $204,310...the median compensatory award for a "wrongful termination" suit? Or, what about a sexual harassment suit? ...Or discrimination suit, etc?

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