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Health Care Reform Updates

Congress passed the most comprehensive health care reform legislation (PPACA = "Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act") on March 23, 2010. The implementation of the provisions of this legislation are spread over several years starting Sept. 23, 2010 through 2018. Many of the provisions of this Act have not been defined, so the effect and requirements of the regulations change on a weekly basis. It is also expected that there will be many changes to the regulations prior to the time in which they need to be enacted.

You will find several items, including a summary of the entire PPACA for your use and review below. These documents will be updated as changes are made or clarifications issued. The date associated with each document reflects the time a change was last issued relative to that part of the regulations.

If you would like to set up a meeting to review the regulations and how they affect your firm, please complete a "Contact Form" on our "Contact Us" web page or call Horizon Agency. We can also make presentations to civic or association groups that may have an interest in this subject.

  • PPACA "Pay or Play" Calculator Services
  • UBA PPACA Summary
  • Small Business Tax Credit Calculator
  • PPACA Timeline
  • Health Care and Minnesota, An Agent's Perspective
  • Sample Memo Employers can give to Employees regarding Health Care Reform
  • Q&A regarding "Grandfathering" - (Affects self-funded plans primarily.)
  • U.S Chamber of Commerce - Health Care Reform Employer Issues
  • What Does Health Care Reform Mean to You - A Detailed Analysis by the National Center for Policy Analysis.