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10/27/2015 - "CAUTION! Do You drive for Uber or Lyft...or Similar TNC's?"

While TNC’s (transportation network companies) like UBER or LYFT provide up to $1,000,000 liability coverage while you are going to pick up a passenger (“Period 2”), and while transporting a passenger (“Period 3”), Minnesota law clarifies that your personal private passenger automobile insurance policy excludes ALL coverage while you are logged into a TNC app “waiting for an assignment” (known as “Period 1”). Your personal auto policy further excludes all coverage while you are driving to pick up your passenger (“Period 2”) as well as when you are actually “transporting a passenger” (“Period 3”). 

Contact our office to discuss if a coverage solution exists for your “Period 1” exposure. Currently, it is very difficult to find insurers willing to offer “Period 1” coverage.


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