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Three-Year Rate Guarantee Programs

You CAN lock-in and guarantee the majority of your insurance rates for a three-year period!

Customarily, businesses purchase their insurance one year at a time. As each annual renewal approaches, do you think, "Oh, great! I wonder if my rates will go up again this year?"

Currently, insurance rates are historically low due to a "soft" insurance marketplace for the last several years. Your rates have likely not been going up, for which we know our clients are grateful. While we don't know when rates will start heading up again, we DO know that now is an appropriate and very opportune time to "lock-in" these current low rates.

Horizon Agency has access to a select, A+ rated insurer that can offer you today's very competitive rates, and guarantee you those rates for a three-year period. (No, you don't have to pay all three years up front either!) Many of our customers have been on this program for multiple three-year terms. They appreciate the TIME they save avoiding the otherwise annual insurance renewal process and the time-consuming meeting with several agents or insurers.

Contact us at Horizon Agency for more information on this special program! This program is available to most classes of business too...manufacturers, wholesalers, property owners, contractors, printers, non-profits, offices, leased properties, etc, etc.